Nearson CL2 Click Mount Hex Bushing

April 09, 2009

Nearson Inc. will be releasing a new antenna series with their second generation click mount hex bushing, which adapts to electronic products whose enclosure walls are constructed of thicker than usual material (as compared to the first generation). Technical Specifications available for Models S131CL2-L-XXX-2450S, S152CL2-L-XX-2450S and S152CL2-L-XX-915S.

As consumer demand for durable, environmentally resistant products continue to increase, electronics manufacturers are paying attention, by manufacturing consumer electronic products with increasingly thick material for survivability. This common trend among the electronics manufacturers has prompted Nearson Incorporated to develop a new mounting solution for their portable antenna product line.

Nearson’s new click mount hex bushing allows secure, reliable antenna installation on enclosure material as thick as 0.064” (1.625 mm) thick. This is an impressive gain over typical hex bushings, which only allow for material thickness up to 0.039” (1 mm) thick. Nearson’s second generation click mount bushing design provides customers with a quick, easy and secure installation process. Unique features of the new mount include an internal design which limits the antennas rotational axis to 90 degrees either side of the antenna. This effectively prevents excessive spinning, which can cause loosening of or damage to the antennas RF cable connection.

Many of Nearson’s portable (rubber duck) antennas will accommodate the new Nearson hex click mount bushing. Nearson products featuring the new bushing design will be available pre-built (model listing forthcoming) as predetermined by Nearson.

Customer requests for implementing the new feature on additional models or new designs are welcome and will be reviewed for feasibility. Nearson’s new portable series of antennas will have the same pricing and lead time as their current portable antenna products.

Once again, Nearson is providing a genuine, cost effective solution for new and existing customers. That’s innovative technology, commitment to quality, exclusive design and manufacturing at their best.