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D362N-156/473 Antenna 150-162/460-485 MHz Unity
L181BC-UHF-TRIM Portable Antenna 400-512 MHz Unity
L181BC-UHF-TRIM2 Portable Antenna 350-420 MHz Unity
L324AM-315 Portable Antenna 310-320 MHz -1 dBi
L324BC-460 Portable Antenna 450-470 MHz 0 dBi
L324TC-355 Portable Antenna 350-360 MHz -1 dBi
L324XX-418 Portable Antenna 408-428 MHz 0 dBi
L324XX-434 Portable Antenna 433-435 MHz 0 dBi
L324XX-440 Portable Antenna 430-450 MHz 0 dBi
L362AM-460S Swivel Antenna 450-470 MHz 2 dBi
L362BC-515R Right Angle Antenna 506-524 MHz 2 dBi
L362TC-380S Swivel Antenna 375-385 MHz 0 dBi
L362XX-375R Right Angle Antenna 350-400 MHz 2 dBi
MCA433-1204 Chip Antenna 428-438 MHz -1.7 dBi
MCA470-1603 Chip Antenna 466-474 MHz 0.8 dBi

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